Nancy DeConciliis and Libby Lubin in Alberobello



Italian Journeys

We offer tours for small groups of people to various regions of Italy.

A recently knit together hodgepodge of principalities and city-states, Italy today offers a rich collage of unique cultures, cuisines, histories, and artistic traditions. This is why we like to examine the peninsula one piece at a time, be it Puglia, Sicily, the Veneto, or the Piedmont, and to celebrate what makes each region special. Why do the Tuscans eat beans while the Romans eat pasta while the Milanese prefer rice and Sicilians like couscous? And what gave rise to Florence’s renaissance in the 15th century while Palermo flourished in the 12th century and Genoa in the 14th century?

I am often asked what sort of tours we offer. Art tours? Food and wine tours? History tours? Our goal is to look at all of the above, and explore their interconnections.