Nancy and Libby

About Us

In 1990, while spending a year in Rome with my husband and two children, I had the pleasure of exploring Rome with Nancy, a friend and long-time resident of the Italy. Together we combed the city, from one remote corner to the next, while Nancy regaled me with stories of saints, painters, emperors and politicians. Our treks were transformative for me and hardly the sort of thing I could walk away from at the end of the year. Hence, Italian Journeys was born of necessity.

Since then, Nancy and I have followed our passions, designing a fresco tour through Tuscany, ten days of Etruscan places, a Palladian treasure hunt, Rome for the uninitiated, Rome for the initiated. We have stayed in palaces, farms, and monasteries. We have toured wine estates, bakeries, goat farms, and a puppet maker's studio. We have rummaged through the ruins of abandoned ancient cities, clambered through mystic's caves, hiked to secluded necropolises, and talked our way into private palaces. Sixty-some tours later, I'm still not bored.